Trade is one of the major aspects of the national economy. The efficient administration of trade is one primary responsibility of the national government. As trade sector involves imports and exports, both aspects assume importance for the economic development of the country. Imports materials and consumers' goods, which cannot be produce within the country, or which are not available adequately within the country. On the production for the purpose of earning the much needed foreign exchange. Naturally a developing country like Nepal would need the presence of several agencies both in the public and private sector to coordinate the above activities and manage its trade efficiently.


National Trading Limited is under the Ministry of Commerce of Government of Nepal (GoN). It has a Board of Directors, which consists of five members, is responsible for formulating short and long-term policies on NTL’s periodical plans, programmers and policies. The Chairman and the General Manager are responsible for the appropriate execution of the plans, programmers and policies formulated and decided by the Board. The chairman and the board member are all appointees of GoN.

The Board of NTL has representation in it’s from the most relevant ministries and department of Government of Nepal. Since the Board member has been drawn from the interrelated ministries of GoN, this has resulted in easy coordination and efficient decision-making at the policy level.

NTL’s organization structure has undergone continuous as per the increasing volume of trading activities, which are also guided by the growing development works under various plan periods as well as because of the ever increasing needs of the people in general for consumer goods. As a result, NTL has a diversified organization structure consisting of eight different departments at central office; it has five regional offices, ten branch offices, and one foreign based office in Calcutta, besides the NTL head office in Kathmandu.