As the first leading trading organization at the national level, NTL was made to deal with both the import and export aspects of foreign trade for the purpose of rendering support service to the economic development of the country. In order to achieve this end, currently the NTL have had the following board objectives:

  1. To stabiles the price of construction materials and industrial raw materials needed for the country both by local purchase and import.

  2. To maintain stable price through increase in supply by importing the necessary consumer goods of general public.

  3. To supply bonded ware house and duty free goods.

  4. To act as an agent of Government of Nepal in the matter of import and distribution of the goods, which the GoN has to import, and distribution time to time and to handle the commodity-aids goods received for GoN.

  5. To engage in agencies business by getting the agent through producer for the products in which NTL is dealing.

  6. To earn reasonable profit in return of GoN’s investment.