a) NTL 'S role in national economy


NTL through its trading activities has to fulfill economic and social responsibilities entrusted to it in the country. NTL has its social responsibility to maintain regular supply of daily necessity goods at a reasonable price throughout the country. NTL again has the responsibility to fulfill the needs of the economic sectors like agriculture and industry and at a reasonable price.

NTL has rendered support services to the development of tourism by providing duty free goods like whisky, beer, liquors, cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, perfumes, etc. through its bonded warehouse and duty free shop to persons with duty free privileges as well as to out-going & in-coming tourists.



NTL has assisted to various national development projects as roads, building, factories etc. directly/indirectly by making available of development goods (cement, iron rods, corrugated sheets, machineries & so on) as well as to make available local expense for different development projects from the proceeds of commodities aid.



Through a long accumulated experience of about quarter century, NTL has expertise in handling imports by engaging in imports, and other activities related to import performance. NTL has taken part in regional and international trade fairs and exhibitions in order to identify potential market for import and export.

NTL has established its business contact with government and private trading entities in the People's Republic of China, USSR, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North Korea, Bulgaria, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Federal Republic of Germany, Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States of America.


b) Pricing of imported goods


The NTL begin a state trading enterprise it is guided by service motive while fixing the sales price of imported goods. NTL is committed to keep the price quite reasonable and pass the maximum benefits to the consumers. In this regard NTL’s valuation committee is responsible for deciding correct prices for all types of goods imported either under direct payment by the NTL or goods received under commodity Aid.


NTL has a separate cell in the organization, which is concerned with pricing of the goods, and commodities, which it purchases. The pricing is done not with a view to maximize profit but with view to stabiles prices of similar commodities or substitutes in the market. It is well to remember that by such stabilization of prices it has serving the people for almost a quarter of a century.


The valuation committee undertakes regular study of prevailing market prices in different parts of the country. While fixing prices, it gives full consideration to the cost of procurement of goods, clearing, forwarding charges and other overheads while making provisions for a modest profit. Depending on the nature and state of goods to be sold, the valuation committee, if customer's needs as well as to eliminate unnecessary and wasteful storage of goods.