The main function of NTL is to supply machinery and equipment, industrial raw materials, construction consumer goods and goods of daily necessities, regularly and at reasonable price with a view to serve the needs of the people at large on the hand, and also the needs of the country's economic development on the other. This service motive for promoting and protecting the interest of the country and the people especially of those living in the far-flung areas of the country could only be expected from a public enterprise like NTL which seldom has profit making as sole objective.


During the initial year of its operation, NTL was mainly engaged in handling goods received under the commodity Aid by GoN from some friendly countries. As time passed on, its functional areas were extended further for the procurement and distribution of construction materials, industrial raw materials and consumer goods from >India and from overseas countries as well.


Moreover, Machinery Sales and Repair Center was set up in order to sell various types of machinery and equipment required by agricultural and industrial sectors and also to provide repairs and maintenance services.


Furthermore, Bonded Warehouse and Duty Free Shop was set up by NTL with a view to supply duty free goods to diplomatic personnel and tourists products to overseas countries and also engage in barter trade with the Autonomous Tibetan Region of the People’s Republic of china and with few other socialist countries.


At present, NTL is dealing in commodity Aids goods and in the import of construction materials, industrial raw materials and consumer goods of daily use. NTL’s Machinery Sales and Repair Center imports various kinds of machinery and equipment like tractors, jeep and other vehicles, and the center also renders repairs and maintenance service to its customers. NTL also provides procurement services to GoN and other concerned agencies as and when necessary.


Now NTL also handles in marketing and distribution of product produce from local industrial as cement, writing & printing paper, corrugated sheets, etc.