As the public sector trading organization, NTL is sometimes subjected to criticism on its performances. However, there are some genuine constraints faced by NTL, which are not entirely within NTL's control. It is certain due to the heavy responsibility that NTL has shouldered for providing support on the one hand, and also providing consumer goods of daily necessity to the general masses regularly and at a reasonable price.

NTL as the leading public sector trading house apparently has more responsibilities to carry out in the year ahead. Because of the country's burgeoning developmental activities there are going to be increased demands for industrial inputs which would need to be supplied to the country regularly and at a reasonable price.

As Government of Nepal also remains committed to ensure steady supply of consumer and daily necessity goods to the people, NTL as the public trading house had sizable responsibility to fulfill in this direction. Keeping within its prevailing constraints NTL has performed its best on all those responsibilities entrusted to it.


GoN remains determined in its task of national economic development and it its responsibility to fulfill the rising aspirations of the people. NTL as a public sector trading entity, however modestly, been contributing its best to help GoN carry out programs in the service of the people.

NTL has over the year already built considerable expertise to render various services to the people. As there are in the country greater economic challenge and increased social responsibilities for Government of Nepal to fulfill, NTL as a service oriented GoN trading corporation can contribute substantially in these directions. Naturally to be able to operate itself more efficiently NTL would require better support and patronage of Government of Nepal as well as of the people to whom its service remains pledged.